Bringing Rental Passive Incomes to the Blockchain.

RentalShares is a simple, modern and intuitive way to invest in real estate regardless of the amount invested.




RNTS is a decentralized cryptocurrency, meaning there will be no interference from a third party and everything will be able to be tracked on the blockchain.


In Real Estate, cyclical variations are much less frequent and aggressive than in the stock market, making it both an efficient and secure investment.

Earn Yields

RentalShares project aims to allow individuals to invest in real estate, regardless of the amount invested and gain passive incomes of up to 35% APY.

What is RNTS?

Where other cryptocurrency projects provide tokenization of single properties (i.e. purchase of a share of a specific property), RNTS offers a participation in the fund while mitigating the risk of costs incurred in maintaining a property. The risk is therefore significantly reduced compared to a direct investment in a single property.

Benefits of Asset Tokenization

Asset tokenization allows investors to diversify their portfolio with real estate exposure without the need to get directly involved in the acquisition or management of properties. Compared to other forms of fractional real estate investment, asset tokenization offers more convenience, lower fees, more frequent payouts, and fully liquid shares of the asset. In order for the sale of RNTS tokens to be compliant with applicable regulations, purchasing RNTS through the website will require the implementation of “know your customer” (KYC) procedure.


RentalShares is designed to offer real estate investments on platform that is familiar and accessible to existing DeFi users. Fully integrated into the BSC ecosystem, all asset tokens and yield payouts occur directly on-chain.


In the first phase of the project, 90% of the RNTS supply will be launched in three phases: Seed Round(completed), Private Sale and Public Sale. For Seed Round and Private sale phases, each participant is capped at max $5000 per participant. This is intended to encourage much broader community participation and to limit whale activity. 100% of the funds raised will go towards the purchase of properties in cities with big potential for rentals based on our research (Berlin, Prague, Barcelona, London and more).


The rent from tenants is collected by the property management service. The rent, net of operating costs including property management fees, insurance and real estate taxes, is then exchanged for BUSD by the property management service or the Managing Member and submitted to the RentalShares rent contract. The rent contract automatically dispenses the rent, pro rata, to the digital wallets that hold RNTS on a regular basis.


In the second phase of the project, all the acquired properties will be offered for rent on our partners platforms. A property management company is required in order to upkeep the property and manage all landlord responsibilities. Property management companies are paid a portion of 5% (five percent) of the rent collected from the tenants.


Real Estate Tokenized Shares

Total Supply:

100,000,000 RNTS

Marketing & Partnership: 5%

5,000,000 RNTS

Seed Round: 10%

10,000,000 RNTS
Price: 0.01$

Team: 5%

5,000,000 RNTS

Private Sale: 40%

40,000,000 RNTS
Price: 0.015$
15-Dec-2021 to

Public Sale: 40%

40,000,000 RNTS
Price: 0.030$
16-Jan-2022 to

Presale tokens will be released on a schedule. Please see the chart below for more information

  • Marketing & Partnership

  • Team

  • Private Sale

  • Seed Round

  • Public Sale

Q4 2021

Platform Launch
  • Seed round (completed)
  • Launch website
  • List on ICO websites
  • Launch Private Sale
Phase 1
  • Complete private sale
  • Start public sale
  • Search for and purchase of the first properties
  • List on multiple exchanges

Q1 2022

Q2 2022

Phase 2
  • Start tokens distribution
  • Purchasing of properties.
  • Hire property management firm.
  • Advertise rental properties on partners websites
Phase 3
  • List on Top Tier exchange.
  • First distribution of BUSD to RNTS token holders.
  • Hire developers for Metaverse expansion.
  • Roadmap update.

Q3 2022

Our Partners